N.A.T.U.R.ES becomes European climate ambassador

N.A.T.U.R.E.S is committed to the climate through the European climate pact.

The application is underway and should be finalized in early 2022, you can follow the progress of our pledge here.

Our pledge

Our organization actively create a local climate adaptation project in a disadvantaged urban area of Toulouse in 2022 (officially classified as « Quartier Prioritaire de la Politique de la Ville » in France, one of the 1500 more disadvantaged small neighborhood of France).

This project rely on an urban farm with agro-ecological farming system and direct selling that will reduce CO2 emission, will protect bio diversity, avoid soil artificialisation, and preserve a proven island of freshness.

Around this farm, some other non for profit services will be proposed to residents :

  • a community garden
  • an educational garden (linked to schools of the neighborhood)
  • selling point for local, organic, solidarity vegetable baskets.
  • etc

More generally, our non for profit organization is committed (by its mission statement in legal statutes) to create events to protect environment, develop social inclusion, and to create links and partnerships with other organizations committed to the same goals.

Look at our pledge on the European commission website.

Follow our progression here